Uber Cart

What you know about Ubercart?  Let’s know  about Ubercart. Ubercart is an e-commerce software solution. If you have website for your shopping site ,then you can use this software solution for your site. It can manage all your details and data management for products. Uber cart is open source software for all customers. If you have online e-commerce business, it puts on this software solution. G Brain assists you how to connect Ubercart with your business.

This software solution provides you catalogs for your products. It is easier to sorting products based on its size, color and different price.  So customer can select the product according to his/her needs. This solution can sort products according their popularity. It is beneficial for customers. If you have your products as game, video, software and any application, it can provide these products as file downloads. You can offer event registration on purchase of customers.  If you have special members for your websites, you can permit to purchase them.

Ubercart provide Automatic renewal system for websites. Anyone can purchase products from multiple sites. Your websites with new ideas can optimize with Ubercart. Ubercart have many features according to product type.

If you go from old websites to up-to-date website, Ubercart have XML import/export features so that your products, details, color-size, customers, orders all are shifted to new websites. For any kind of help related to e-commerce websites, please contact G BRAINS INFOTECH.

Uber cart

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