Mobile apps have become a pervasive aspect of our lives. They are proliferating everywhere, from consumer- and medical professional-facing apps in healthcare, to multilingual news services, global travel/hospitality apps and locators, and multi-currency exchange apps. But not all mobile apps are created equal. Not all are good or useful. Not all merit a second look…Continue Reading »

Before you can judge whether you should hire a freelancer or a dedicated mobile app developer from any mobile app development company, specify your app development requirements first. There are different phases of an app development process. So, understand first needs of your app development. Either to hire a freelancer or a dedicated developer completely depends on you. A perfect understanding of your development requirements, budget and time constraint will help you determine your category.

Recently there was an annoucment that parse is getting migrated to MongoDB database. Kevin Lacker the co-founder of parse announces that , We have a difficult announcement to make. Beginning today we’re winding down the Parse service, and Parse will be fully retired after a year-long period ending on January 28, 2017. We’re proud that we’ve been able to help so many of you build great mobile apps, but we need to focus our resources elsewhere.

Nowadays AWS that is amazon webservices have recently implemented a technology of adding Genomics to the cloud.
Moreover a genome contains all the information needed to build and maintain an organism; in humans, a copy of the entire genome, which contains more than three billion DNA base pairs, is contained in all cells that have a nucleus. Yaron Turpaz, Bryan Coon, and Ashley Van Zeeland goal is to sequence one million genomes and deliver that information along with integrated health records and disease-risk models to researchers and physicians.