“Hire-Dedicated Developer Over Freelancer”


Before you can judge whether you should hire a freelancer or a dedicated mobile app developer from any mobile app development company, specify your app development requirements first. There are different phases of an app development process. So, understand first needs of your app development. Either to hire a freelancer or a dedicated developer completely depends on you. A perfect understanding of your development requirements, budget and time constraint will help you determine your category.

Mostly there are six Major differences between a dedicated developer and Freelancer they are listed below:

1.Dedication Level:

A freelancer works personally and for many clients together. They might have the ability but to manage many projects and work on them at the equal time holds the deadline. Or you may not get immediate response and service at the time you need. A dedicated developer while will be working dedicately exclusively on your project. It is company’s capacity to meet your deadline or to work unexpected situations. For instance, say, the dedicated developer left the work half way expected to sickness or any other issue. The company will give you different professional dedicated developers to complete the project in the given time.

2. Expertise Base:

A significant difference is the level of their expertise. There are different factors that make a dedicated developer important than a freelancer. For instance, dedicated developers have expertise working with a crowd of clients on different projects. Even freelancer developers work with numerous clients on multiple projects. But, the level of expertise of a dedicated developer is higher than a freelancer. Because they control professional experience working with an office.

3. Availability:

For next point, let’s take an example to make a modification or a small change to the app. Dedicated developers which you have hired from the company will always be available to work for you anytime, during the availability of a freelancer is possible. Unless, they might be working for other customers together, or something more essential than your project. On another side, as we have discussed before, the interaction and collaboration with a dedicated developer will be so simple than a freelancer.

4. Communication Medium:

Communication is the basic part of any app development process. Whether you prefer a freelancer or a dedicated developer, you will like to collaborate with your developers to track the progress. A good app development company will have real-time project management software & solutions. So, dedicated developers will give you actual-time updates and hassle-free collaboration on your project simply.

5. Resources:

Either it is all about infrastructural facilities, conductive development environment, communication facilities & capabilities, or the project required technologies, a dedicated developer from an agency will have all these features compare to a freelancer.

6. Level of Security:

Application security is one of the significant issues when not doing in-house development. It contains different measures like protecting some ideas, critical data, business secrets, and most important their trust. We cannot say that a dedicated developer will just offer clients a protected environment and freelancer will not. But, we can guarantee you that a dedicated developer is more secure. Because he/she will be working with a famous app development company.

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